9 comments on “Self-Inflicted "Project Runway" Design Challenge

  1. Luna needs some booties! No wonder her little ears are back like that in the photo..she’s trying to conserve body heat!

  2. You know, with a strand of pearls and lovely little white hat, I’m likin’ it! I do have to agree with Michael Kors though – I swear I’ve seen Sally Field in this dress…..

  3. You know, I could see Wynona Ryder in dress #2, particularly with the functionality of those big pockets…it does have that summery, breezy feel, perfect for the Butterfly Festival on Mt. Magazine in June…

  4. KMC, help me out here! All I can say is, “wow,” and that’s not simply because Barbra suspended her normal, “I eat designers for breakfast,” mantra …. it’s because, as you discovered, the creative process required you to make a choice, to invite your muse and put yourself, as Emerson said, “in the attitude of reception.” Sometimes that takes a lot of effort, self-reflection and courage, and you exhibited all and more…proud of you, my man!

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