3 comments on “Fashion Tour de France, 2014

  1. Diana Marlow on · Reply

    You have a great talent! Stepping out of the comfort zone is hard at times. You are a brilliant designer. You need the base income to do so. I wish you could offer fabrics for sale for us that can’t find the fabrics that we all would love to have! Have you considered a small online business saleing specialty fabrics? It might keep things going so you can spend time in the design room! Also consider designing some patterns! McCalls will print for you and figure out the sizes etc. Snapdragon Designs did that very thing! Best Wishes!

    • Thanks, Diana, I appreciate that! I do have an Etsy shop called “Bing Bang Boomerang” where I sell a handful of fabrics that I have too much of or have lost interest in. They are usually vintage or retro. I have plans to offer some of my vintage-inspired designs there soon, as well as listing more fabrics. I generally don’t get large yardages, though I may start listing my heavyweight linens by the yard there. You can always inquire about fabrics you see on my website under the “fabrics” button. Thanks again!

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