I start the Trunk Show season in April, and it generally runs through June or July, and then just one or two shows in the Fall.  Spaces range from someone’s living room to Art Galleries ad Event Centers.

Physically, a show requires 800 to 1000 square feet of clear space with great lighting and is easy for the public to find.  It does not necessarily require foot traffic, but shoppers off the street are welcome.  I only do trunk shows in towns where I have enough clients already to make it worth the effort.  If you have a suggestion, I can scan my mailing list to see if there are enough clients in that area.  I invite those folks, you invite yours.  I arrive to set up the show, van loaded to the gills.  It takes two hours to set up the six to eight racks of clothes and the cash/wrap area, then the doors open.  The feeding frenzy ensues, and at the end of the day we pack up ad get back on the road.

I tailor payment options according to the host.  Some hosts want a clothing allowance, some cash.  In those cases, I total up the “take” at the end of the day, and a percentage is paid to the host, generally 10%.  The average sale nets $3500, so I like to promise the host a fee of at least $350, but hopefully the day is much better.  If I rent a space like a hotel conference room or event hall, I try to maintain a rental of $500.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.  I’m always looking for new locations, as the calendar allows.